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Our Story

Official launched in 2015, Way2Go is the leading SIM Card provider in Vietnam, renowned for its optimal Travel SIM Card packages that offer integrated connectivity and service information to global travelers.

We are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for you on every journey with advanced communication technology solutions.

Served over
2 Mn Customers
Coverage over
200 Countries
Our Mission

Our Vision

Becoming a reputable provider of premium travel experiences.

Our Mission

Way2Go aspires to become the trusted travel companion for people worldwide by enhancing travel experiences and celebrating journeys through cross-cultural communication.

Our Values

Collaboration: We collaborate closely with partners to create sustainable value, fostering connections with customers through respect, sincerity, and joy.

Courage: We pioneer the selection and development of specialized products and services, think differently and act courageously to overcome challenges and stereotypes.

Creativity: We embrace positive differences, constantly refining and innovating to create value that aligns with current trends and customer needs.

Compassion: We understand, share, and spread happiness and love.

Our Values

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To achieve more enduring values, please email us at

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Way2Go Global Travel SIM Cards

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